Thursday, September 18, 2014

WOW Sargento Cheese for only

Acme Markets has Sargento shredded cheese packages for $1.77 each starting tomorrow (Friday). Use the .55/1 Sargento cheese coupons from in the 8/24 Smart Source inserts to get them for .67 per package.  I freeze them and use them as needed.  Take the package out approximately 1 hour prior to using or the night before in your refrigerator and they are as if you just purchased them.

Cheap pasta at Acme Markets!

Starting tomorrow (Friday) you can score cheap Barilla Pasta at Acme Markets.

Use the .55/2 Barilla Pasta coupon also found in the  9/7 Smart Source insert to get them for .45 per box with the .55/2 coupon.

Remember there is no limit to the number of alike coupons you can use at Acme Markets (at least the stores here on the east coast.)

This sale runs from tomorrow (Friday) to next Thursday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

FREE Papermate Inkjoy Pens

Readers are reporting finding 2 pack of Papermate Inkjoy pens at both Dollar Tree and Dollar General.  I was not so successful and didn't find them at my stores but you can check your stores. Use the $1.00/1 Paper Mate Ink Joy Coupons found in the 8/17 Smart Source to get them free.

Ditch the expensive cell phone plan - get a Tracfone and save a ton of money!

Ditch the expensive cell phone plan and get a Tracfone - you can save hundreds a year.  

I have had a Tracfone for over 10 years now and love it.  They have smart phones available now.  Check out all the deals at Tracfone and see all of the phones and plans available starting at as low as $5.00 (see below) for some phones.

 Many deals includes triple minutes for life.  That means each time your buy an air time card it will triple your minutes (ie - buy a 100 minute card = 300 minutes on your phone)

I personally find it more convenient and cheaper to buy a 1-year air time card for about $100.00!  That's about $10.00 per month + sales tax to keep my phone active for 365 days and I get triple minutes on my plan.

Here are some deals going on right now at Tracfone!

 Great first time phone for your child!

Great first time phone for your child!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Use your FREE coupons wisely!

I try to save my free coupons and use them wisely.  What I mean by this is I try to use my FREE COUPONS (coupon for a free product) on a store BOGO sale.

If a store has a buy 1 get 1 free sale and I have a coupon for a free product then I get two (2) products free with my free product coupon.

I monitor my free coupons for date of expiration and then as the time draws closer to their expiration date and there have been no BOGO deals I just get my free product.  I have been known to wait until the last day of the expiration of the coupon just to make sure that there are no BOGO deals that I am missing out on however you have to be vigilant on the dates or you will lose out!

$10.00 Zantac Refund!

Get a $10 rebate when you buy any combination of these products adding up to $30.00.

Read all the details on the form below.

Print the form here!

Possible Herbal Essence Deal at Rite Aid!

Okay I'm not sure this would work depends on the RA cashier or manager so your mileage will vary on this deal.

Rite Aid has Herbal Essence hair care on sale this week 2 for $6.00. Some of you were lucky enough to get that fabulous BOGO coupon others will get a $3.00 on 2 coupon and some of us will get neither.

If you get the BOGO coupon you can do this deal:

Buy (2) Herbal Essence Hair Products @ $3.00 each = $6.00
Use (1) BOGO coupon that will deduct  - 3.00 
Use (1) RA Video Values Coupon $1.50/2 (if the Naked products are included)
Use (1) $1.00 off Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner (you should be allowed to us both manufacturer coupons but remember it is up to the DISCRETION of the store and store manager wither or not to accept both)

So the best case scenario would be that all your coupons were accepted and you paid only .50 for 2 products!