Friday, October 24, 2014

Get your FREE dozen eggs and 2 ltr soda at Acme Markets!

Don't forget to sign up for the MyMixx savings program at Acme Markets.  Each week you will enjoy money off your total shopping order or free products like these above.

Get a free dozen eggs and a free 2ltr soda with a purchase of $20 or more.

Are they committing coupon fraud?????

There has been so much chatter lately about why many groups (coupon related) were deleted from Facebook without warning. Here is an article that would explain why they were deleted and what the boundaries are concerning coupon trading and selling.

PLEASE NOTE - I cannot verify if this is a legitimate site or if the person they are quoting as Brand Technologies president Jane Beauchamp is a legitimate person.  Some say she is just a fake person that someone created to hide behind but I have no clue.  I put this up for you all to read and you can determine if you think the info is real or fake.  

Coupon clipping services have been around for 30+ years, even before I started doing this for my charities and although I do not see a problem with people charging a small fee for their time to gather, sort and cut coupons for another person apparently they do.  I'm not the coupon police and I teach people to use coupons correctly and fairly.  However if I buy 20 newspapers each week and want to trade away my unwanted coupons that should be my prerogative but if you take notice on the coupons it now states the following "Void if transferred, sold, auctioned, reproduced or altered..."

I see other coupon groups and coupon blog owners advocating coupon fraud all the time, that includes ripping off a store that has a glitch in their system or a coupon that scans for something other than what you are purchasing - you will never see me advocate this.

The show "Extreme Couponing" on TLC drives me up the wall. It's the worst thing they could have even aired advocating coupon fraud and coupon abuse.

Understand I am the first person to run for a deal for my charities but I obey the coupon policy of each store and if the store states that I can only use (4) coupons alike that's all I use.  Now I may visit that store every day that the sale is on to get multiple products but I don't try to abuse the system by clearing the shelves in one day.  I have even taken things out of my cart to help another shopper if I have taken the last few on the shelf.  I call ahead to store managers like my favorite Acme Markets who have no coupon limit and ask them to order me the quantity I need so that I do not clear the shelf.  That's not fair to other customers.

Read the small print on your coupon, makes sure you are buying the correct size, etc., some coupons even state you can only use (2) or (4) alike in one shopping trip now.  

Educate yourself on what is legal and what is not.  Coupon fraud is a serious offense and people have been prosecuted for it.  However cashing in on a legitimate deal, using your coupons properly, and obeying the coupon store policy is what you need to do to have a great shopping trip and successful shopping spree!

If you have a question you can post it here and I will do my best to answer it for you.

Happy couponing!

Acme Market deals start today!

This deal start today at your local Acme Markets!

Use the .55/2 Progresso Soup coupon found in the 10-19 Smart Source insert

or use $1.00 off any four Progresso products

(Acme doubles that .55/2 to $1.10)

Pay as low as .45 per can and there is no limit!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kohls deals and discount codes!

Lot's of fabulous deals in the clearance section at Shop Clearance at remember my motto is to save up to 90% off by shopping off season and put it away for next year.  You will never go wrong with Kohls they will take it back next year as long as you have your receipt.

$10 in Kohls cash for every $50 spent.

Use these codes below to sweeten the deal!

TRICK30 30% off (10/26) - Charge Card Customers Only.
FREE4MVC free shipping  - Charge Card Customers Only.
MENSDRESS10 $10 off $40 men's dress apparel
TOYLIST10 $10 off $50 in the toy department
VIP20 20% off w/Kohl's Card (10/16)
MENS20 $10 off $30 men's sportswear (10/26)
YANKEE10 $10 off $30 Yankee Centerpiece Collection (11/2)
SAVEEN3 15% off $100 plus free shipping (1/1/15)
DEERSTAG215 15% off Deer Stags shoes (10/23)
MADISON10 10% off Madison Park Bedding (10/26)
RUGSALE10 10% off all accent, area, kitchen rugs and doormats (10/26)
SHIP2YOU free shipping no minimum (10/26)
SAVINGS15 15% off no card needed (10/26)
SAVINGS20 20% off $100 (10/26)
TREAT20 20% off w/Kohl's card (10/27)
PUMPKIN15 15% off with Kohl's card (10/27)
FALLBT10 $10 off $30 Men's Big & Tall apparel (10/26)

Get Clorox Green Works products for only .31 each at Target stores.

Get Clorox Green Works products for as low as .31 each at Target until 10-25-14.

Clorox Green Works Dish Liquid – $2.06 (sale price)
Use $0.75 off any one Green Works product
Use $1.00/1 Target Coupon Green Works household cleaner or laundry item found in the 10-12 Red Plum insert.
Final price .31

Clorox Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner – $2.06 (sale price)
Use $0.75 off any one Green Works product
Use $1.00/1 Target Coupon Green Works household cleaner or laundry item found in the 10-12 Red Plum insert.
Final price .31